Thursday, March 24, 2005

Proviso Township (& Forest Park)

I'd like to know more about my local elections before I vote on April 5, 2005.

According to the Cook County Clerk these will be the positions and people on my ballot.

Proviso Township Supervisor
Vote for 1 (Full 4-year Term)
Anthony M. Luciano
Mari Herrell
Kathy M. Ryan

Proviso Township Clerk
Vote for 1 (Full 4-year Term)
Michael A. McDermott
Grady Rivers, Jr.
Joyce Ann Eaker

Proviso Township Assessor
Vote for 1 (Full 4-year Term)
Jeanne A. Connelly
Michael A. Corrigan
Ralph W. Conner

Proviso Township Collector
Vote for 1 (Full 4-year Term)
Harriet Jackson
F. Joyce Lewis
Donna M. Contraveos

Proviso Township Trustee
Vote for 4 (Full 4-year Term)
James O. Bishop
Richard P. Rius
Imoni T. Baxter
Linda D. Stevanovich
Timothy Gillian
Jesus "Jesse" Martinez
Don Sloan
Anthony "Tony" Williams
Catherine A. Colgrass-Edwards
Steven R. Johnsen
Michael L. Sheehan
William J. Daugherty, Jr.

Forest Park Park District Commissioner
Vote for 2 (Full 6-year Term)
Michael A. Espinosa
Roy J. Sansone
Mary P. Buckley
Cathleen McDermott
Marcella "Marcy" Wozniak

Forest Park School District 91
Member of the Board of Education
Vote for 4 (Full 4-year Term)
Charles E. Marinier
Lawrence P. Buckley, Jr.
Marilyn Garapolo
Lois L. Bugajsky

Proviso Township High School District 209
Member of the Board of Education
Vote for 4 (Full 4-year Term)
Arbdella "Della" Patterson
Emanuel "Chris" Welch
Daniel J. Adams
Reatha "Sue" Henry
Guillermina "Tina" Alcaraz
Johnny Perryman
Gwendolyn Crayton
Tucker J. Ramos
Katherine Ryan
Thomas D. Dunne, Jr.
Kenneth J. Leggin
Charles A. Flowers

Triton Community College District 504
Members of the Board of Trustees
Vote for 2 (Full 6-year Term)
Donna Leoni Peluso
Merrill M. Becker
Alfonza Al McKinnor

Proviso Township Trustees of Schools, Township 39N, Range 12E
Township School Trustee
Vote for 1 (Full 6-year Term)
Jeanne A. Connelly
Brian Cross
Georgiann "GiGi" Callaway
What should I know about these people and races?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you want to know?
Luciano is a Coglianese candidate, and Herrell is backed by Serpico and Gene Moor. Ryan is a Peraica anti-Melrose Park/Gene Moore candidate. Nod goes to Ryan
Grady Rivers, has a checkered history, and was installed in the slate by Gene Moore; Joyce Eaker is anti-Gene, true independent. McDermott is a generic white dude holdover. Nod to Eaker.
Township Trustee candidates are a mixed bag. Gillian is a good guy, even if some of his running mates aren't so good. Nod goes to Gillian.
Proviso 209. Chris Welch is a Gene Moore/Anthony Bruno hack who's in trouble with the ARDC. Leggin was attacked by Mari Herrell's henchman Sam Sey (Memorial Park P.D. Chief) - and that's being investigated by the Attorney General's office. He's also anti Bellwood Mayor Pasquale (the fascist who proposes putting surveillance cameras on everyone in town). Nod goes to Leggin.
This race is a free for all. If you want to support corruption, intimidation and closed government, support Herrell, Rivers and Welch.

6:55 AM  
Blogger Bill Baar said...

Sounds almost as much fun as Cicero Berwyn politics. I thought Kane County Pols was boing until our States Attorny got herself recorded on a phone machine telling people to F*-king pay up.

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

look out for Chris Welch, because he will do anything his daddy (Gene Moore) and granddaddy (Ronald Serpico) say's to do! Just check it out for yourself, look at the West Proviso Herald dated May 12, 2004 and see that Chris Welch and Mayor Ronald Serpico ( who was backed by Gene Moore) where ordered by a court to pay a combined amount of $1.4 millions in damages for a political firing. They also agreed to do a backdoor deal for a Math and Science Academy, that enabled them to dish out signed contracts and jobs. Is this the type of leadership we need? I don't think so!

10:20 PM  

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