Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Naval Air Station Glenview Museum

According to today's Chicago Tribune the Naval Air Station Glenview Museum has six months or less at it's current location.

The museum is only open on the weekends. I want to organize a trip or trips to go visit. Hopefully, more visitors will lead to more fundraising and allow the Glenview Hanger One Foundation to afford to move the museum to an appropriate permanent location.

Who wants to go this weekend?


Blogger Doshi said...

I'm from Glenview. I didn't realize the museum was going to be moved. I always assumed it was stipulated, when the base was converted to residential and commercial areas, that there would be a museum.

Also, where would a more appropriate permanent location be? Though I suppose a lot of places would be better than a strip mall.

Oh, and I'd like to go, but I'm at school.

10:08 AM  

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