Friday, June 03, 2005

shifting tax burden to the property tax

Yesterday I ran into John Hayes, the president of the Oak Park library board.

Amazingly the conversation turned to politics.

He told me that the Oak Park libraries just got hit with a 20% increase in health costs (they were told to expect a 13% increase). He also said, IIRC, the OP libraries have to double their contributions to the pension fund.

The Pantagraph says:
Once again, Gov. Blagojevich and the Democrat-controlled Legislature have used pension funds to "balance" the state's $53 billion budget.

All should be ashamed. But they won't be held accountable because it won't immediately affect anyone. And they can go into next year's elections proclaiming, "We didn't increase your income or sales taxes."
Is the Pantagraph right that this budget is balanced by borrowing from the pension fund?

How can the state ask local gov't to contribute more to the fund if the state pols are just raiding the money to keep pledges on state income and sales taxes?