Tuesday, March 22, 2005

new Gaming Board members: pro or anti gambling?

The Illinois Leader:
CHICAGO - Perhaps trying to recoup support lost when he broke his promise not to accept contributions from gambling interests, Governor Rod Blagojevich has appointed a majority of non-gamblers to the five-member Illinois Gaming Board.

While none of the appointees can be pointed to as a conservative, on gambling, liberals and social conservatives then to agree: they’re “against” it.
Later in the article there's a quote from Sheila Simon:
I'm not a fan of gambling, In fact I told the governor's people I've never been to a riverboat casino. But they told me that might make me even more qualified. Certainly gambling is a tax on the people who can least afford to be taxed. It’s not the greatest idea.
I was curious where the new members came down on gambling and this article answered the question for me.

Feel free to speculate on what Blagojevich seeks to accomplish with these appointments.


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