Thursday, March 24, 2005

Terry Schiavo, read corndog, discuss elsewhere

Here's the rules of this thread.

This is not to become a discussion of the Terry Schaivo case. However, I encourage people to start discussions at their own blogs. Or if you don't have your own blog, use one of the many blogs that want to discuss the Schaivo case.

I've left the comments thread open so you can post a link to the discussion on your site (or the site where you post your comments).

I read corndog's research and analysis of the Schiavo case and found it quite useful in debunking the lies being told about Michael Schiavo, Terry's husband and guardian.

For those of you that think Michael Schiavo, the Florida courts and the federal courts are wrong on this, I would like you to read what corndog wrote and respond in your own blogs. If Michael Schiavo is on the up-and-up, should he be allowed to fulfill his wife's desires?

Here is a list of Blogging Blagojevich's Blunders linked blogs that have come down against Terry Schaivo's desires and the court system.
* Ace of Trump
* annoyinglittletwerp
* Discursive Recursions
* IlliniPundit
* Making tomorrows Military today
* Peoria Pundit
* The TPS Report


Blogger Militantpundit said...

Hi Carl. I got a good one for you. I think I read the article a bit different than Corndog...


9:43 PM  
Blogger Stephen said...

I'd like to clarify my position since your summary only represents half of my position: I don't agree with either Michael Schiavo or the Schindlers. While your assessment is technically true that I've aligned against aspects of action by Michael and the courts, you neglected to note that I'm also aligned against aspects of action by the Schindlers and the legislature.

Under ideal circumstances, this case would never have reached the court.

9:58 AM  

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