Thursday, March 24, 2005

challenge to Right-Left dichotomy

I have always believed that the ultimate maturity of a democratic polity is the eradication of right-and-left dichotomy. The American people will eventually become open-mindedly selective, reasonable, and flexible in an eclectic manner when it comes to their ideological leanings, political affiliations, and social voices. The government can't do anything but respond to the people's hodgepodge clamor. Thus, it will change also and adopt an inclusive, heterogenous, and generic policy and platform. It is a good thing. We will then have a developmental politics instead of a political one- politics for the sake of politicking. Elections will no longer be about Jesus but justice.
Like Ms. Deja Vu, I favor dumping the Left-Right linear spectrum as a model for politics.

Please, visit her blog and say "hi", but be forewarned it has sexual content and adult language.


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