Sunday, March 13, 2005

online polls, next round

These polls will close at noon next Sunday.

You are invited to vote in either the Democratic polls or the Republican polls. The polls use Condorcet voting. Under Condorcet voters rank candidates. You can't hurt your number one choice by ranking candidates below him/her. (This is unlike ranking systems used in sports that give points.)

The Democratic subgroups:
Dem Field A
* Dick Devine
* John Fritchey
* David Orr
* John Schmidt

Dem Field B
* Jack Franks
* Jay Hoffman
* Glenn Poshard

Dem Field C
* Dorothy Brown
* Lauren Beth Gash
* Corrinne Wood
* Karen Yarbrough

Dem Field D
* Rod Blagojevich
* Dan Hynes
* Lisa Madigan
The Republican subgroups:
GOP Field 1
* Joe Birkett
* Ray LaHood
* Tom McCracken
* Jim Oberweis
* Steve Rauschenberger
* Corrinne Wood

GOP Field 2
* Bill Brady
* Peter Fitzgerald
* Ron Gidwitz
* Peter O'Malley
* Dan Rutherford
* Judy Baar Topinka


Blogger Carl Nyberg said...

Last round the Republican voters did better ranking the large field than the Dem voters.

I'm curious how big a field you can have and have 90+% of the people rank the full field.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who won the original voting and why are you doing it again?

3:07 PM  
Blogger Carl Nyberg said...

With 46 votes cast this Democratic field was ranked:

1. Lisa Madigan
2. Dan Hynes
3. Jack Franks
4. Dick Devine
5. Rod Blagojevich
6. David Orr
7. Glenn Poshard
8. John Fritchey
9. Jay Hoffman
10. Lauren Beth Gash
11. Karen Yarbrough
12. Tied:
Dorothy Brown
Corrinne Wood

With 50 votes cast the GOP field was ranked:

1. Joe Birkett
2. Steve Rauschenberger
3. Ray LaHood
4. Bill Brady
5. Judy Baar Topinka
6. Peter Fitzgerald
7. Dan Rutherford
8. Ron Gidwitz
9. Pat O'Malley
10. Tom McCracken
11. Jim Oberweis
12. Corrinne Wood

Why am I doing it again?

1. I felt too many of the votes were not properly cast. If voters aren't ranking candidates I'm not satisfied they're doing it right. I suspect that ranking fields of 3-6 is more realistic than ranking fields of 12 and 13.
2. I'm curious if reducing the size of the fields affects the rankings.
3. Voting adds some interest to the web site.

Ultimately I'd like to get it down to a small number of possibilities and see how different candidates perform.

My hypothesis is that Blagojevich is weak. If this is true Dems should see it demonstrated. I also hypothesize that Birkett is weak. Republicans should know this is they are hell-bent on nominating him.

4:45 PM  

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