Saturday, March 12, 2005

ILPundit predicts Topinka will run

ILPundit wrote:
[Challenging Blagojevich over the special purpose funds] is a heck of a fight to pick, and one that makes no sense if she is running for re-election. She opens herself up to attack for blocking state funding for any number of state needs – including education and day care.

But if she’s running against the Governor, the move makes more sense, because it allows Topinka to define the clear dividing line between herself and Blagojevich on what is probably her greatest strengths – a public reputation for straight talk and responsible management of state government finances.
I disagree with the esteemed blogger's logic.

The funds have their own constituencies. The people that care about the details of state budgeting realize Blagojevich raiding the funds is no long-term solution. With Blagojevich neither supporting HB 750 nor an alternative tax swap plan he's already antagonized the constituencies that ILPundit thinks JBT is offending with her move.

JBT may or may not run, but I don't see JBT standing against Rod the raider as proof one way or the other.


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