Friday, March 11, 2005

getting testy about raiding funds

Chicago Tribune (Rick Pearson):
Budget director lashes back
Filan says Topinka endangering lives

Gov. Rod Blagojevich's budget director on Thursday accused Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka of endangering "the lives of real people" by blocking a budget maneuver used by the governor to keep the state out of the red and help pay bills for social and other programs.

The attack from John Filan followed Topinka's decision to stop Blagojevich from siphoning any more funds from special state accounts earmarked for environmental cleanup, open-space acquisition and other special purposes.
Endangering the lives of real people? Wow! Thems strong words for bean counters!

And here's what the auditor general says, KWQC (AP):
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. Governor Rod Blagojevich's handling of the state budget came under fire today from both the state treasurer and the auditor general....

Auditor General William Holland says the administration did not give agencies any documentation to show where their budgets should be trimmed.

He says the agencies ended up trimming areas that had no connection to any real savings.
And for analysis you might want to read The Pantagraph (Kurt Erickson & Phil Davidson):
SPRINGFIELD -- Gov. Rod Blagojevich has made it a point to be more conciliatory in recent months, but an observer wouldn't have known it was working Wednesday....

Analysts and potential challengers say the latest round of Blagojevich bashing centers on the continuing struggle between the governor and state lawmakers over the state's budget.

"The governor has to lead that charge, and it is clear that he doesn't have very many allies. All of that is coming home to roost," said political scientist John Jackson of the Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University. "Until it gets sorted out, it is going to be massive conflict from here until the end of the legislative session."
So Rod's "I'm better than you icky politicians" schtick wasn't the most effective way to govern, eh?


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