Sunday, March 13, 2005

Rod inspires cynicism in journalists

Democrats that feel they should back Blagojevich out of loyalty or because the incumbent is the most likely way for the party to retain control should read Doug Finke's column in the Peoria Journal Star.

On a temperment level it shows how cynical journalists are about Blagojevich. If you need other reminders:

Southtown editorial
about firing tax reform advocate

The Chicago Tribune hammered Blago's hypocrisy on guns and his duplicity on the gaming board

Rich Miller is cynical about his CFR plan

And Aaron Chamber of the Rockford Register Star made the B-Team look like fools in this column
The problem for Blagojevich has become that all his actions are going to get interpretted through a highly cynical lens. Some people may debate whether this is fair, but even if you think it's unfair you can see that it's happening.

The Democrats are more likely to retain the governorship with a fresh face than with Blagojevich. And at this point the money shouldn't be scaring everyone off. There's a 10-35% chance Blagojevich is gonna have to give most of it back (or to charity) anyway.


Blogger Rich Miller said...

You say "cynicism," I say "realism." Big difference.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Carl Nyberg said...

Rich, thanks for visiting.

Your realistic observation notes that many of Blagojevich's actions are most easily explained by G-Rod being quite cynical himself.

Since most journalists have come to the same conclusion, Blagojevich will have trouble putting a good face on all of his policies.

4:54 PM  

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