Sunday, March 13, 2005

Rod shoots the messenger

Daily Southtown:
Southlander dumped from school panel

THE ISSUE: South Holland businessman loses post on funding advisory board.
WE SAY: Blagojevich is telling advisers not to give advice he doesn't want to hear.

What does a governor do when one of his advisers gives him advice he doesn't want to hear?

If the governor is Rod Blagojevich, he gets rid of the adviser. That's what the governor did last week when he dumped a south suburban business leader from the state's advisory board on school funding issues.

South Holland businessman Bert Docter in recent years has become one of the Southland's leading advocates for school funding reform and property tax relief.
This editorial says darn close to everything you need to know about Blagojevich. It's got boards, intrasigence on taxes, duplicity and Blagojevich generally behaving badly.


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