Friday, March 25, 2005

What would you ask the B-Team?

It's Friday, so it's time for audience questions for Blagojevich and his administration.
What vision of ethics and competence does Blagojevich give to his department heads?

Under what circumstances should the state of Illinois subsidize large corporations? Small businesses?

Can the governor explain why some are concerned about ethanol consuming too much energy to produce? What technical developments does Blagojevich see as having promise to address this issue?

A number of Blagojevich advisors and fundraisers have been involved in profitable business arrangements with the government in Illinois. Does Blagojevich give his advisors and fundraisers guidelines about how they can and can’t use their connections to make money? Or does the governor try to stay ignorant of their financial dealings?

In his most optimistic vision of the future, what does Blagojevich hope to accomplish by making certain video games illegal for minors?

Approximately how many sex workers are working under slavery conditions in Illinois? If the law enforcement community wanted to make detecting and closing these brothels a priority, what keeps them from doing it? Are these brothels being run by organized crime that has bribed public officials to look the other way?

How would Blagojevich like to improve his working relationship with members of the legislature?

The Chicago Tribune ridiculed Blagojevich for blaming Mayor Daley’s lobbyists for the failure to advance gun control legislation. “[Gov. Blagojevich] might as well have criticized Daley for not telling the governor the state legislature was in session that day.” Does Blagojevich stand by his criticism? Does Blagojevich’s staff have any responsibilities to keep track of what’s happening in the legislature? Did any member of Blagojevich’s staff “screw-up” on this legislation?
Here's a link to the last set of questions.


Blogger Bill Baar said...

About the question of subsidizing business, I drive by the empty Motorola plant at Harvard sometimes. Jim Edger meant well, but what a disastess example of State Gov and Biz partnership. Harvard is stuck with this huge empty (and very modern looking) factory. Maybe it's good Illinois is broke now and can't encourage this stuff.

5:39 AM  
Blogger Bill Baar said...

Ethanol is an interesting question. Tell you the truth I've never heard Blago talk real serious about any Illinois issue. I always seem to read about him on stuff I think is sort of marginal e.g. video games, or Rx for seniors... I know those are serious things,,, but the Gov of Illinois has some other responsibilties and I always feel Blago is trying to distract me with this sensational stuff.

5:42 AM  

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