Thursday, March 10, 2005

"House panel votes to let prostitutes sue pimps"

Sun-Times (Ben Fischer):
"Homer X," a former pimp who got rich by selling hookers on Chicago's North Side for nearly 25 years, now believes prostitutes need help from the General Assembly.

Using a fake name to protect his identity, Homer X, 46, spoke to the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday in support of a measure that would allow prostitutes to sue their pimps. A former Chicago prostitute, Olivia Howard, also testified in favor of the bill.

Is this a step toward legalization?

Will the prostitutes sue for the bling-bling or the girls remaining in the stable?

Will pols be able to sue lobbyists that got them hooked on junkets are campaign contributions?


Blogger Pastor Nancy said...

This might be a good idea and a way to establish some useful legal protection for prostitutes.

6:39 PM  

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