Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Madigan's secret plan?

Ralph and Archpundit praised this post by ILPundit.

ILPundit suggests Madigan may quietly assemble support for a veto-proof budget that includes a tax swap.

Won't that require Republicans?

ILPundit theorizes Republicans might join the effort.
First, their constituents would probably welcome property tax relief; and

Second, it would deprive the Governor of his signature issue in 2006.
Why would Madigan bail out the governor? As long as there's a problem it's Blagojevich's problem. Why not let Rod twist in the wind on cutting services and raising taxes?

The best reason for Madigan to pre-empt Blagojevich this way is that Blagojevich has a budget that's somehow unacceptable to Madigan and the Republicans.


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