Friday, March 18, 2005

Casino Board

Yeah, I know it's technically called the "Gaming Board", but let's cut the bullshit.

I thought the board was suposed to nix the Rosemont deal, but couldn't because it didn't have a quorum. In an earlier post I quoted a Chicago Tribune editorial:
The most important job awaiting those new members is to undo the decision of previous board members to steer the state's 10th casino license to Rosemont, in spite of lingering charges from the Gaming Board and from Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan that the suburb has ties to organized crime.
The Sun-Times (Chris Fusco) makes it clear the new board will be voting to give a Rosemont license. The story starts with:
The Illinois Gaming Board is back in business and could be ready to consider a controversial plan to give Rosemont the state's last available casino license by mid-summer.
The Chicago Tribune (John Chase and Christi Parsons) has a more detailed story. It included this paragraph:
In Springfield, the House State Government Administration Committee voted 8-1 to send to the floor a bill that would force all Illinois casinos to close. It is highly unlikely such a measure would become law, but the action paves the way for the first wide-ranging legislative discussion of the merits of riverboat gambling since it was legalized in 1990.
The Inside Dope has more detail.

BTW, Dope had a puzzler yesterday that took me most of the day to figure out. I was kinda humiliated that a former math team guy couldn't solve it quicker.


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Dan Johnson-Weinberger gives his take on the new board.

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