Saturday, February 12, 2005

helping Dems win Congressional Districts

Archpundit discussed the Roll Call article about the possibility of Hyde retiring.

As of the end of 2004 Blagojevich had $10.4 million in his warchest.

In the past I've suggested the DCCC should organize a Chicago-Milwaukee area campaign to build precinct organizations to swing House seats to the Dems (and to defend Bean's seat).

Rod would endear himself to me and a bunch of other Dem primary voters if he took some leadership and used his considerable assets to help build a precinct organization in Illinois' Sixth CD. It's not like he has to worry that he'd be offending an incumbent since the incumbent has already said he isn't gonna run. And, there's no reason RB couldn't add his shoulder on the effort in the Eighth too.

Will Rod be a leader and put his resources into helping Dems win control of the House of Reps? If not, why not?


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