Saturday, February 12, 2005

G-Rod hawking insurance?

Capitol Fax reports that Blago gave permission to an insurance company to use a picture of him and his family and the state seal in a newsletter. Rich Miller explains, if not explicitly against the law it definitely violates the spirit of the law.

Read the post and make your own judgment if Rod only violated the "spirit" and not the letter of the law.

Here's what I suspect is the prob with Blago. He sorta wants to be a good government reformer, but he doesn't have the "qua" factor.

It's kinda hard to stand up against a system that has been so good to him. Blagojevich has trouble seeing the perks of political power because he's been immersed in it his entire career. He's never gonna have the eye for seeing how his life has been charmed because he never had to struggle against entrenched interests to get inside the system. And his father-in-law probably shielded Rod from the seemier aspects of the game.


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