Thursday, February 10, 2005

casinos, RB planning something big?

I am skeptical of gambling being good for society even though it creates revenue for government that is less painful for pols than taxes.

The #2 editorial in the Trib insinuates G-Rod is putting the states gambling revenue at risk by not appointing commissioners to the three vacancies on the Gambling Board--I mean, "Gaming Board". There are only five seats so it does seem a bit odd to carry three vacancies. The Trib raises the possibility Blago-man is planning something nefarious and will appoint three rubber stamps when he's ready to unveil it.

Apparently Governor Elvis promised the Trib editorial board in June that he intends to fill these spots promptly.

As a gambling skeptic I guess I sorta see things as unfolding as designed. Pols love gambling because they can make a few people very rich. The pols know how to pick people that know how to express their appreciation. Why shouldn't Roddy B play the game as it's designed? Because it offends the sensibilities of the Trib editorial board?


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