Wednesday, February 02, 2005

State of State: drug plan, windmills and undoc kids

What's Blagojevich's history at implementing new programs?

The fee [for Blagojevich's RX Buying Club] is being cut to encourage enrollment. Initially, state officials projected 1.5 million seniors and people with disabilities would enroll, but so far only 14,200 have joined.

Off by a factor of 100? This doesn't inspire my confidence Rod has good sense about policy issues.

"This is an investment in rural economic development and clean energy," said Howard Learner, executive director of the Environmental Law and Policy Center, an advocacy group that has pushed for a renewable energy standard in Illinois.

Does Blagojevich think wind farms are going to lift the economy of rural Illinois? By how much? Like, within a factor of 100...

The initiative stems from a case in Will County's Summit Hill School District 161, where officials are accused of turning away a 4-year-old girl from its preschool program last fall because she was an undocumented immigrant....

Chicago Public Schools and several other districts with significant immigrant populations said they do not turn away preschool students who are undocumented and that what happened in Summit Hill appears to be an isolated case.

Once again Rod opts to do something symbolic that will have the most minimal effect on public policy in the real world. I'd be less cynical about Rod if he was less cynical about how he does his job.


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