Sunday, February 20, 2005

can Rod be trusted?

Rick Pearson of the Chicago Tribune seems to think the answer is "no".
[Emil] Jones... came to the same conclusion shared by a wide swath of Illinois officeholders from Zion to Cairo: When it comes to Blagojevich, commitments and allegiances are never set in stone....

[L]egislative critics have continually assailed Blagojevich over the political currency of trust. The leeriness runs so deep that last summer, before they signed on to a deal to end a marathon budget impasse, legislative leaders took the unprecedented step of forcing Blagojevich to sign dozens of specifically worded memorandums of understanding to hold him to his word on how money would be spent.

What's Blagojevich's take on this?
For his part, the Democratic governor maintains any criticisms he makes involving lawmakers are nothing personal but reflect his feelings toward an entrenched political system that deserves to be shaken up.

Can an elected official improve government without reneging on commitments?

In Rod's world the answer seems to be "no".


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