Saturday, February 19, 2005

Archpundit calls out RB on taxes, education inequities

Archpundit acknowledged MakesMeRalph and then called "Bullshit" on Blagojevich.

From Southern Illinoisan:
CHICAGO (AP) — Gov. Rod Blagojevich has said he would veto any school-funding reforms if they included increasing income taxes because he's not convinced raising income taxes would solve inequities in state school funding.

"I'll veto any bill that raises the income tax in whatever form," the Democratic governor told the Chicago Tribune's editorial board Thursday.

Arch responded:
Instead of saying that you are against any increase, how about setting out specific conditions under which you would accept such an increase--one of those being that it actually solves inequities....

Is there anything more to Blagojevich's position than political cynicism? He wants credit for holding the line on taxes, but he also wants credit for "feeling the pain" of liberals and underfunded communities on "inequities".

Memo to Rod: Clinton wouldn't get caught contradicting himself like this.


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