Saturday, February 19, 2005

Illinois community blog awards

Wampum manages the Koufax Awards for Lefty political blogs, e.g. Best Group Blog, Most Humorous Blog, Best Single Issue Blog, etc.

As I prowl around looking at Illinois blogs it seems like there should be a system of recognition for local blogs.

I would like to start an Illinois blog awards contest. Who would like to join a team to organize and judge the contest?

I'm thinking there should be awards for blogs that tell the story of their local communities ("Carl Sandburg" award?), blogs that cover local politics ("Mike Royko" award?), best blogs from individual schools ("Honor Roll" list) and military blog ("Edward 'Butch' O'Hare" award?).

What categories should the awards cover? What names should be associated with the different award categories? Who would you like to see as a judge or organizer?


Blogger Carl Nyberg said...

Should I try to get traditional journalists as judges?

12:36 PM  

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