Monday, February 21, 2005

$3 million for immigrants

Rauschenberger tweaks G-Rod's immigration proposal in the Trib (Oscar Avila).
Rauschenberger, a possible candidate for governor in 2006, said he thinks Gov. Rod Blagojevich created the program to get positive press with Latinos, a vital and growing Democratic voting bloc.

"I don't think adding another layer of bureaucracy to do PR and generate some nice press releases is a good use of funds," he said.

Blagojevich has rejected the generalization that the citizenship program is a political maneuver.

Try to get past the posturing of the pols....

Is $3 million enough to make a difference? How will it be spent?

Is this an example of government creating bureaucracy (the INS) so politicians (normally members of Congress, but in this case the guv too) can "help" people deal with the bureaucracy?


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