Wednesday, April 06, 2005

sore losers

Has anybody else noticed that we've had a string of sore losers in Illinois politics?

Joe Birkett
Phil Crane
Alan Keyes

And the latest name to add to the list is Oak Park's Diana Carpenter, incumbent trustee that lost her VMA-endorsed bid for village president. From the coverage in the Wednesday Journal.
At the Carleton Hotel Tuesday night, Carpenter told a crowd of supporters that she was “shocked as could be,” and voiced bitter disappointment.

“Single issue voters and angry people will not be allowed to take over Oak Park. People have worked too hard for more than 30 years to allow lies and deceit to win,” she said. “We will continue because we are better and more knowledgeable.”
Carpenter blames her loss on "single issue voters and angry people"? Saying her opposition used "lies and deceit"? Gimme an effin break!

Carpenter was out-of-touch with Oak Park activists and voters. If she was "shocked" that she lost, she's probably the only one. Also, she's none too bright. She's got a sense of entitlement. And she's a sourpuss.

Maybe all the time the VMA devotes to training its candidates should include 30 minutes training them on losing graciously.


Blogger Carl Nyberg said...

Here's a Diana Carpenter story for you, if you need something to provide details about her as a public servant.

Carpenter was shopping in Oak Brook where my then gf, LL, served her at the register.

They got to chatting about Oak Park, where I lived at the time. LL said she liked the community, but overnight parking was difficult.

Oak Park allows overnight parking only five times per year. LL had a cousin in OP and occasionally spent the night at my place.

Carpenter, who was a trustee at the time, responded that not having to worry about overnight parking was one of the benefits of home ownership.

First, this is a tad snobbish and condescending toward renters. About half of OP housing is multi-unit.

Secong, Carpenter is wrong on policy. It wouldn't have mattered if I owned the place or not. If you don't have an extra parking space, the overnight parking ban is a hassle. This is true whether you rent or own.

So, Carpenter was insensitive to people with legitimate complaints and none too bright about policy.

Democracy worked in this case.

8:49 AM  
Blogger Bill Baar said...

Problem with the parking ban is everyone in Oak Park tore up their backyards to add parking spots instead. And then these huge you can sit on a deck and look out barkyards filled with cars. And then there were those huge wooden screen fences people built. I remember an oak park of few fences (or cyclone only), nice gardens, and people managed with the L and one car max.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Carl Nyberg said...

I'll go along with Bill on fences being much more prevalent than in earlier decades, but I'm not so sure about people paving over their yards. Oak Park gov't is pretty strict about aesthetic stuff.

Another VMA sore loser was Carolyn Hode-West who accused Oak Park of losing its "moral compass" by not re-electing her. In fairness to the VMA, it did not renominate Hodge-West and she ran as an independent.

9:12 AM  

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