Saturday, March 05, 2005

sidebar links and brainstorming

Since March is basketball month, I'm going to add links to basketball blogs on the sidebar. If you know of a basketball blog covering an Illinois team or a college team from the region, let me know.

Generally, I'd appreciate knowing about any good blog in Illinois. My current thinking is that I should create a thread with the time 12:01 AM on first of the month and have an extensive list of local blogs in all categories. The sidebar would have a few representative blogs and then a link to the thread with the larger list. Does this make sense? Feedback? Suggestions?

In the past I've made reference to the Koufax Awards sponsored by Wampum (see the left side bar). I'd like to have an Illinois blog awards program, but I'm thinking of focusing on high school, college and university blogs in Illinois. Feedback?


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