Tuesday, March 08, 2005

fair to rap Rod on gun control?

Chicago Tribune editorial:
To the extent that Blagojevich made any name for himself in Washington, he did so on gun-control issues.... Blagojevich apparently made a simple calculation: What had played well at home in Ravenswood wouldn't play well down in Rantoul....

He criticized his own Democratic leaders, including then-House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt, for not seeming "enthralled" about passing gun legislation and said they might be more concerned about winning the next election.

Blagojevich complained, in 2000, that the real problem in passing gun bills was the "old-school members, the old bulls" in his Democratic Party who stood in the way of such measures. He was so bold as to name names.

Who looks now to be worried about the next election?...

Earlier this month an aide to the governor said the public could expect Blagojevich to "enthusiastically support" that package of anti-gun measures. So far, he's done nothing. He's done no lobbying. His lobbyists have done no lobbying. He's even registered opposition to several gun measures....

Blagojevich is in perfect position to explain why these measures would fight crime without restricting the rights of hunters and others who wish to own firearms.

Instead, he's become the old bull.

So much for deeply held convictions.
If one were to defend Blagojevich against the Trib's charges one could argue that the Dem Party has moved away from gun control substantially during this period.

However, Rod has made himself vulnerable.

1. If he had accomplished more in Congress, he could point to his work in other areas.
2. If he didn't project cynicism in other policy areas, he could sell the idea of principled evolution instead opportunism. The fact that he's still trying to have it both ways kinda makes one think he's just being cynical.


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