Tuesday, December 20, 2005

coming out of retirement?

I got a note from a blogger of some note encouraging me to cover the Blagojevich/Eisendrath race.

I also posted a comment on Eisendrath at Illinoize. Illini Pundit made a comment about Eisendrath reaching out to the netroots. I mentioned I hadn't been contacted.

Now I have been contacted.

Here's the bullets from Eisendrath's announcement speech:
• Tell us why you raided nearly $2.3 billions from the already under funded pensions of teachers and state workers.

• Tell us whether you will rescind orders to state employees forcing them to carry your promotional literature.

• Tell us how you plan on paying for the election year give aways you are announcing daily.

• Tell us if you will refrain from using contributions raised by appointees to boards and commissions that dole out lucrative contracts and investments.

• Tell us how you opened the door for Republicans to run against corruption while George Ryan is on trial.

Should I start blogging about Blagojevich again?

I'm considering it. If someone were to sponsor the effort it would help me justify the time put into the project.


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