Saturday, May 14, 2005

let's draft a primary opponent for Blagojevich

I'm sick of hearing Democrats bad mouth Blagojevich and in the next breath declare his warchest makes him invinsible in the Democratic primary.

I propose the grassroots hold it's own pre-primary and run some regular citizen Democrat against Blagojevich.

There could be an online forum for citizens to ask questions of the candidates and discuss real policy issues.

The nominating signatures are due in December and it will probably take over a month to get them. But that means we can have a meaningful dialogue and deliberatvie process up to about Halloween.

Vote for one
* Roderick Blagojevich
* Thoughtful citizen Democrat

My read of the polls is that "not Rod" starts with a base of about 35% in the Dem primary.


Blogger Sebastian said...

OK, it's now official. Blago is an idiot. It took me quite awhile to get here, but I'm here and he has to go. Somehow without the GOP taking back the governor's mansion.

He has squandered the greatest opportunity a politician could have. I'm not against him for the way he treated the state legislature. As we can easily see in DC, when the same party controls all 3 branches, it can be very difficult to exercise some fiscal sanity. I like his no raising taxes pledge. I never expected it to last should he be elected to a second term, but I thought it was a very good way to show some fiscal responsibilty.

But this stupid feud with Dick Mell is my sign he's an idiot. Bring the man in, make up with him. Dick Mell is smart enough to send the investigators down a rabbit hole. Unfortunately for Blago, the media goes on that trip as well, reporting everything along the way.

I understand he had to show some seperation between himself and Mell. Otherwise I'd think Dick Mell had the governor in his pocket. But whatever is going on between them is going to hurt Blago more than Mell. It's evident. Blago's a good enough politician to know that, so for him to let himself make these stupid errors, to play into family feuds instead of running the state, to let a old-line Chicago alderman get one over on him is reason enough for me to come to the conclusion that Blago is an idiot.

Instead of being able to focus on the crooked GOP infrastructure that still exists post-George Ryan, Illinois voters are being forced to see a petty pissing match. Hopefully they will nominate someone to run for the governors office who is a classic Bush-style movement conservative. I think that's Blago's only hope for winning in '06.

But, absent the grand jury finding anything of substance from Mell's allegations about Blago, the party should be very careful about eating their young in public. Dems still have the opportunity to run this state better than the GOP ever did. We can show that there is a party that can govern without graft. Trying to unseat Blago in a primary fight sends the wrong message to voters, and gives the GOP something to hide their own dirty laundry and movement conservative agenda behind. Again, that's if nothing comes of these allegations.

But if there's something to them, I mean something of substance like more of the same GOP-style graft that sickened us with George Ryan, then Dems have got to throw Blago overboard as soon as possible.

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't agree that Blago's replacement must be a Democrat.
It could be a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent, as long as he/she is articulate, energetic, really committed to ethical government and, preferably, not carrying old political baggage.

This person could be very hard to find. Not only the candidate but the public must have the energy to study and understand the issues and then (the public)get to the polls during a non-presidential-election-year.

It's not so much Blago's warchest as the huge effort, financial and personal, any candidate, primary or statewide, would have to put into the race. The Repubs would have the additional burden
of distancing themselves from the increasingly unpopular (Iraq, Social Security)President Bush.

It's easier for Madigan and other possibles to lie low for another 4 years and for the Repubs to put up
a sacrificial lamb and make what deals they can (and Kjellander made a pretty good one) after they lose the election.

8:31 PM  
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