Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sen. Brady (R-Bloomington) forms exploratory committee

From The Pantagraph (Kurt Erickson):
SPRINGFIELD ­ State Sen. Bill Brady of Bloomington today will take a step toward fulfilling his dream of becoming governor.

The 43-year-old real estate developer plans to announce he's forming an exploratory committee to run for the GOP gubernatorial nomination in 2006. A formal decision could come this summer.
Politics1.com lists the following Republican candidates:
Joe Birkett (R) - DuPage County State's Attorney & '02 Attorney General Nominee
Bill Brady (R) - State Sen., Developer & GOP Activist
Ron Gidwitz (R) - Businessman, Philanthropist & Ex-State Board of Education Chair
Ray LaHood (R) - Congressman, Ex-State Rep., Ex-Congressional Aide & Ex-Teacher
Steve Rauschenberger (R) - State Sen., Ex-Furniture Retailer & '04 US Senate Candidate
Judy Baar Topinka (R) - State Treasurer, Ex-State Sen., Ex-State Rep. & Ex-State GOP Chair
With the following being maybes:
Peter Fitzgerald (R) - Ex-US Senator, Ex-State Sen., Attorney & Banker
Tom McCracken (R) - Ex-Regional Transit Authority Chair
Pat O'Malley (R) - Ex-State Sen., Attorney. '02 Candidate & '98 Lt. Governor Candidate
Anybody care to handicap the field?

I have the most warmth in my heart for Rauschenberger, who was a gracious and thoughtful guest on Collective Interest (Seb and I interviewed U.S. Senate candidates during the primary), and LaHood. Topinka would be my next choice. Birkett has the most negatives with me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peter Fitzgerald would be a wonderful choice, he is smart and has national experience and can handle complex legislative issues, but this seems too good to hope for.If he wanted to stay in politics, why didn't he just stay in the Senate.

Rauschenberger is a good guy but could he get the money. For name recognition, intelligence, experience and overall voter appeal, I vote for Judy Baar Topinka. Again, though,
can she get the money? And would the Republican Party honchos who pushed her out of power help her
get the money or would they sit back and make her do it all on her own. The prospect of a tough primary then a tough fight against Blago would give even the most stout-hearted politician pause.
No matter--if she runs, she gets as much money as I can legally donate, my volunteer time, and my and my family's vote.

5:01 AM  

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