Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Purpose of this blog

What purpose does this blog serve?

1. I hope it will grow into a clearinghouse for information and anecdotes why Blagojevich should not be re-elected in 2006.
2. The audience (dare I hope for a "community"?) will be an "instant base" for a candidate that challenges Blagojevich in the Democratic Primary.
3. Aside from ragging on Rod I want to discuss a bold Democratic vision for the state of Illinois.


Blogger Andy Martin said...




WHERE: 10 E. Ontario Street, Suite 1210
Chicago 60611

WHEN: 2:00 P. M. Wednesday, January 26, 2005


CONTACT: Andy Martin (312) 440-4124

(CHICAGO) Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference Wednesday, January 26th at 2:00 P. M. to announce he has opened a campaign committee to explore the possibility of seeking the 2006 Illinois Republican Party gubernatorial nomination.

“I am taking the first steps today to explore whether Illinois republicans are ready for a modern, progressive, good government conservative as their gubernatorial candidate,” Martin will state. “My views on foreign issues are clearly out of step with the national party. I am an opponent of the war in Iraq and a strong supporter of the immediate establishment of a Palestinian state. But foreign policy issues are a world away from the everyday needs of Illinois citizens.

“My campaign will focus on Illinois issues and only Illinois issues, although my syndicated column will still delve into national and foreign policy and foreign affairs.

“On local Illinois issues no one can match my resume--in either party. Beginning as a young law student at the University of Illinois College of Law almost forty years ago, I have been devoted to fighting corruption in Illinois government at all levels. I was the first one to stand up and oppose the corrupt practices of Paul Powell, Illinois’ historically, notoriously corrupt Secretary of State. In the 1970’s I helped send Chicago crime syndicate hoodlums to prison and helped popularize the Civil RICO remedy as a powerful weapon for fighting corruption. My public interest lawsuits fought the Daley Machine and blocked crooked policies. I continued my efforts in the 80’s and 90’s. I am continuing them today. Just last year I exposed how Andrew McKenna hired a Democrat and crime syndicate hoodlum lawyer, Andrew Raucci, to corrupt the senatorial primary. I am still pursuing Raucci and McKenna in civil court.

“It is no secret that in Illinois both parties are cesspools of corruption. We have ‘combines’ and cabals, a veritable ‘casbah’ of corruption in our state.

“I promise to wage war against corruption in both parties, in the State House and in Chicago’s City Hall, everywhere and anywhere that the cancer of corruption infects Illinois government. No other candidate can demonstrate even remotely the commitment to good government that I have consistently manifested over the decades.

“I am proud to have called Senator Paul Simon and Senator Paul Douglas my friends and inspirations. I will continue in the traditions they set, independence and honest government for every citizen of Illinois.”

Martin graduated from the University of Illinois College of Commerce in 1966, and from the University of Illinois College of law in 1969. He served as an assistant to Senator Douglas in 1966. Martin is a nationally syndicated Independent Contrarian Columnist for and has served as Baghdad Bureau Chief and chief national/foreign correspondent.


12:00 AM  
Blogger OneMan said...

I think Andy tried to get into the GOP primary for US Senate

8:34 PM  
Blogger Carl Nyberg said...

Yep. He was knocked off the ballot as the result of his nominating petitions being successfully challenged.

I think he tried to file to run in Florida for US Senate in 2004 also since then.

10:27 PM  

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